2021 Great Lakes State Film Festival

Official Selections


A woman suffering from postpartum depression leaves her family and comes back years later to deal with the fallout.

Short Film | PG
Directed by: Delores Flynn



A previously homeless man takes a ride through his past in order to understand the present and how it affects his future.

Documentary | PG
Directed by: Hannah Byrd

Soul Catcher

This is the directorial debut for reigning Oceani, winner of the World Monologue Games 2020, and Bronze medal winner in the World Final

Short Film | PG
Directed by: Reigning Oceani

I Know You Want This

A man becomes obsessed with an exotic dancer, follows her home and holds her prisoner in her own apartment.

Feature Film | PG
Directed by: Ed Lazar II


16.06.20: Perth, Scotland. Paul Thompson, a 70-year old amateur radio operator, catches a signal from the International Space Station. As he listens to the astronauts comparing life aboard the station to life in lockdown, Paul day-dreams of escaping his home.

Short Film | PG
Directed by: Luka Vukos


Santa Maria BBQ The Hitching Post

A inside look at the style of BBQ grilling known as “Santa Maria Style” from an establishment that has done it for years.

Directed by: Tyler Little, Beau Manning, Frank Lopez, Daniel Medina

Straw Men

Two friends discover a sinister entity has taken residence in their hometown

Short Film | PG
Directed by: Neil Willoughby

Cuba, Libre?

“Cuba, Libre?” is a 56-minute long documentary thaat traces the history of travel to Cuba by Americans

Directed by:  Dick Jordan

Meet The director

Hannah Byrd

Coming into this project, I wasn’t sure where the story was headed, nor where it would take me. What started off as one thing, completely changed directions and went another. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was no longer the one leading it-the story began leading itself. I didn’t know how much of an impact it would make. I didn’t realize what it would become.
This story had been waiting be told because it was meant to be heard by anyone seeking a change. I just get to be the lucky one to find it.

Working with Ryan and this crew taught me so much. It taught me how hard one must work, despite whatever circumstance and challenge you may face. It offers the audience the power of motivation, that you can always find a way to keep moving forward.

Despite our individual roles in the creation of this film, we felt collectively bound by the power of the stories we experienced. Because of my crew, this project became something beyond a film – it became a chance to deeply connect with each other, and to grow and learn from voices that have been neglected.