Great Lakes State Film Festival

We are accepting submissions of all lengths and genres; including but not limited to web series and mini-series for our 2019 Film Festival

Welcome to the 2019 Great Lakes State Film Festival.

The Great Lakes State Film festival is a international film festival that showcases independent film and filmmakers from all over the world. We are currently accepting film submissions of all lengths and genres for  our VOD & live screening festival consideration. All submissions will be evaluated for distribution.

Be a Volunteer!

Are you interested in working behind the scenes at the Great Lakes State Film Festival? If so we would love to have you! Volunteers are needed for event planning, workshops, marketing, promotions, and much more. Contact us to find out more about our volunteer opportunities.

Awards & Prizes

An awards ceremony will be held on the final day of the Festival. Films will be judged in two categories; Audience Choice and Judges Decision. 72 Hour Film participants will be notified by invitation to a screening of the winning films. Cash Prizes will be awarded to winners of each category. Minimum award will be $100.

Your film On Demand screened on today’s hottest streaming television platforms on The Great Lakes State Film Festival’s OTT networks. Films selected for the VOD award will be judged based on the number of streams they receive. All films submitted are eligible for the VOD competition and we look forward to screening your film. 

72 Hour Film Competition.

Local, national and international students and filmmakers from across the globe will have the opportunity to compete in our 72 Hour Film Festival with prizes going to the top film submissions.

Partner with the Great Lakes State Film Festival

The Festival is a great opportunity to advertise yoor company and support independent artist and local youth. We have sponsorship and advertising for every budget. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact us.